Quantity based discounts plugin allows you to offer discount on the basis of product quantity. Basically as a merchant or store owner, you may want to offer discounts if customers buy more than one quantity of a particular product or a bunch of product to boost sales or finish old stock quickly. Here in this article we’ll discuss how we can do it.

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How to Set up Quantity Based Discounts Rules in WooCommerce

E-commerce market are standing up with marketing strategy. Now customer always looking for discount, which store are giving more discount so Quantity Based Discounts are good marketing and store promotion strategies. Apart from that an interesting thing is that you can empty your stocks within a short period of time by making proper use of Quantity Based Discounts Rules.

Let see an example how Quantity Based Discounts works.

  • 2 Qty = 2% discount
  • 3 Qty = 4% discount
  • 4 Qty = 6% discount
  • 5 Qty = 8% discount
  • 5+Qty = 10% discount
  • 10+Qty =15% discount

There are lots of free plugin but the main issue is all of this plugin has lots of extra features which may slowdown your site so if you need this kind of simple discount functionality just check this one. After installing the plugin in your wordpress settings panel you can see a tab called quantity discount settings here you can set all percentage discount. Here is a demo image of admin settings.


Here is the frontend view of this functionality. There is also a message how many percentage discount apply when you change the quantity from the product details page or cart page.


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